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Welcome to the Urban&Civic video channel. Here you will find video content on a range of projects and areas of our business. Please share online or contact us if you have any questions.


Houlton Link Road
1.5 mile link road connecting the 6,200 home urban extension at RadioStation Rugby, to the town.

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Alconbury Weald - 2017
A community taking shape

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Key highlights from our Annual Report – 2016
A taster of what’s on paper.

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Bridget travels to Stansted
Bridget takes up early residence at our forthcoming Hampton by Hilton hotel at Stansted Airport

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Come home to Houlton
An introduction to the RadioStation Rugby urban extension - how this 1,200 acre former radio station site is being transformed

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Hillmorton Primary School history project – 2016
RadioStation Rugby supported history project for local schools.

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The launch of Feethams - 2016
Celebrating the new leisure scheme for Darlington.

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St Teresa’s Santa Fun Run - 2016
Feethams’ Charity of the Year and its big event.

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Lighting up the sky over Rugby – 2016
RadioStation Rugby sponsored Rugby’s fireworks display

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Sponsoring the Christmas lights in Darlington - 2016
Feethams working in partnership with the town centre.

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The Ministry of Science comes to Rugby - 2015
RadioStation Rugby sponsored event during the Rugby World Cup.

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Construction of a supermarket - 2016
A timelapse of the Herne Bay supermarket.

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Alconbury Concept Film - 2012
An early vision for what Alconbury could become.

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Alconbury Weald Overview - 2014
An introduction to Alconbury Weald - planning, enabling and infrastructure.

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Providing new connections - 2016
How we delivered a new bridge for Herne Bay.

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Unfurling Bridget in Bristol - 2015
The hoardings for Bridge Quay were rather eye catching.

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RadioStation Rugby flyover - 2015
Take off from C-Station and fly to phase 1

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