Listening to people

If people are initially sceptical then we encourage them to talk to residents, parish councils and community groups around our other sites."

Consultants can only tell you part of the story. In order to identify what will really work on a site there is no substitute to listening to local people. Properly engaged, concerns can often create great ideas and initial critics become strong supporters. We invest considerable senior management time working with local communities to understand issues and find solutions.

Forging strong relationships

The role that our partners play is crucial. The rule is that when we enjoy success we do so together."

The strong working relationships we build with these key stakeholders and customers are fundamental our ability to deliver over 20,000 homes and over 6 million sq.ft of associated commercial space. Our stakeholders are the communities, local authorities, partners and public bodies with which we work at every stage of delivery. Our customers are housebuilders, businesses, homeowners and investors who buy or rent the serviced land, buildings, homes and investments we craft. These relationships come in all shapes and sizes but all play a vital role in making new development part of the community around it.

Taking a stake in the future

Tensions arise where interests are not aligned. As we deliver and retain direct investments, the first tree planted is as important to us as the last roof tile laid."

The places that we craft become part of our corporate DNA and our investment decisions are based on building value throughout the life of a project. We are proud of what we deliver and confident that it will continue to show growth. As such, we will retain a stake alongside the homeowners, commercial occupiers and local authorities who have bought in, via infrastructure, private rented housing and ongoing management.

Delivering on our promises

The outline application for Alconbury Weald only received 21 representations from the public which is less than for some garden extensions."

At each stage of the planning and delivery process we make direct pledges about early investment, community projects, jobs and quality. Our clear record for delivering on these promises has built real trust and allowed complex projects to come forward ahead of schedule and with strong support. Our team is led by recognised champions of the property industry. We have significant in-house expertise across site assembly, planning, project management, delivery, community engagement and sales, and we steward world-class professional teams, contractors and consultants.

We are proud to be defined by the quality of our projects.