Urban&Civic’s business model is driven by five strategic priorities:

Secure additional strategic land holdings/consents

Urban&Civic, as a market leader in the delivery of strategic sites, is actively pursuing a range of sites within 100 miles of London, either via off-market negotiations or through public procurement processes. We target sites which, through our business process, are capable of achieving an outline planning permission within three years. Our target is to establish a pipeline of over 40,000 units.

Increase the volume of serviced residential and employment land for the market

The combination of our own capital and funding provided by the Homes and Communities Agency allows us to accelerate the delivery of infrastructure, opening up additional points of sale and, therefore, increasing the pace with which serviced land is released. We are packaging land parcels on a consistent and capital‑efficient basis allowing our customers, whether large or small, to commence and progress their development quickly. 

Identify and deliver further trading opportunities

We will resource our commercial and Catesby businesses to target shorter-term projects across a wider geography for which there is identified market demand on a capital efficient basis. We have strong relationships with our housebuilder customers which assists with the targeting of sites and the track record of our commercial delivery creates opportunities.

Sustain and enhance the quality of placemaking

The quality of placemaking achieved by Urban&Civic is increasingly recognised in the market as being a point of differentiation for stakeholders and supporting increased sales values for our customers. This has been achieved by maintaining an absolute focus on design and materials during the planning and infrastructure stages. We have established design and delivery guidance for our contractors and customers alike and work alongside them to maintain standards as the volume of delivery increases. Our licence model for housebuilders on strategic sites also ensures that we share in the value uplift created by the quality of the wider site.

Deliver returns for investors and other stakeholders

Our business model targets growth in the EPRA net asset value of our portfolio to underpin shareholder return. To achieve this, in addition to our other strategic priorities, we ensure that the delivery of our sites creates new jobs, enhances skills and provides opportunities for communities and stakeholders. By doing things right, being innovative and working with people who are passionate about their area, Urban&Civic is able to make a difference as well as continuing to attract the best people, projects and partners.