• Our core business focus is on strategic sites where, as Master Developer, we own or have the stewardship of over 4,000 acres of land across the country.
  • Our Strategic land will deliver over 20,000 new homes, more than six million sq.ft. of business space, at least eleven primary schools and three secondary schools.
  • Our Commercial and City centre sites are in key growth locations around the country with a focus on leisure and mixed-use developments.
  • In 2015 we acquired the Catesby Property Group which specialises in providing smaller-scale consented and de-risked residential sites in locations of proven housing need.


  • Our customers are housebuilders, businesses, homeowners and investors who buy or rent the serviced land, buildings, homes and investments we craft.
  • Our shareholders range from major property funds across Europe to our own staff.
  • Our stakeholders are the communities, local authorities, partners and public bodies with which we work at every stage of delivery.
  • By doing things right we target both shareholder and stakeholder returns, leveraging each investment for maximum effect.


  • Our headquarters are in London with a network of regional offices.
  • Our team is led by recognised champions of the property industry.
  • We have significant in-house expertise across site assembly, planning, project management, delivery, community engagement and sales.
  • We steward world-class professional teams, contractors and consultants.
  • We are proud to be defined by the quality of our projects.

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