Land of all shapes, sizes and historic uses is the raw ingredient of our business.

We are highly skilled at reviewing and appraising opportunities together with assembling and derisking complex sites via acquisition, joint venture, development management and compulsory purchase where necessary.

We can unlock value in land that housebuilders or other developers would pass over as too complex, too messy or too long-dated because, as Master Developer, we are prepared to invest early and our team’s experience creates confidence in delivery.


We love planning and have significant in-house expertise.

We enjoy investing our time and energy in getting to know an area, drawing on the experience of the people who live and work there already.

Whilst Urban&Civic actively stewards a world-class team of architects and consultants, our team, including our Chief Executive, engages directly with stakeholders and communities alike.

Trust needs to be earned and working with stakeholders throughout the evolution of design is essential.

We realise that large-scale schemes are both disruptive and complex and therefore we work closely with local authorities and parish councils and provide support where they feel it is required.

By dealing with planning issues across a full spectrum of projects we identify innovative ways to resolve complex issues and unlock sites which have historically been subject to objections and delay.


Our internal development and project management expertise informs all stages of our work and allows us to de-risk issues at the earliest opportunity.

We have a clear visibility on pricing and construction techniques from the scale of our delivery across competitive projects, as well as strong relationships to promote local employment with key contractors.

We are a trusted partner of county councils, Highways England, the HCA and government departments to deliver strategic infrastructure accelerated by public grant and/or loan funding.


We sell fully serviced residential and employment plots on our strategic sites, de-risked residential land parcels from Catesby, homes on high density city centre sites and, where we don’t retain for income, completed commercial properties.

Across our strategic sites, we run a competitive bid process for residential parcels with a detailed pack of information, creating a consistent and recognisable serviced land product.

Our “oven ready” product is attractive to national and regional housebuilders and allows regional housebuilders access to large-scale sites with a significant pipeline.

By bringing forward a number of large-scale strategic sites in parallel, where housebuilders have missed out on a particular opportunity, we have been able to offer them an alternative parcel.

Employment parcels are offered on either a selfbuild or completed unit basis and with a variety of land ownership structures depending on user requirements.


We closely monitor costs, values and progress throughout the year with the finance team embedded within the projects, monitoring progress and identifying variances. As a business, given the range of sites and projects, we judge our overall success by the growth in the EPRA NAV and total shareholder return. Our staff incentivisation is entirely aligned with these metrics.

For our strategic sites, our project teams include people who specifically focus on community and stakeholder relationships at a local level.

Throughout the planning and delivery process we identify projects and opportunities within and around our sites which we can assist with the use of land, skills and funding. We are proud to have created jobs, invested in local projects, created high quality publicly accessible open spaces and accelerated the delivery of schools and strategic roads by listening to what people want and addressing challenges head on. The skills developed are also reinvested into the quality and speed of delivery that we can achieve on site.